What Kentucky Hunting Outfitter to Choose?

So you’re ready to go on a paid Kentucky deer hunt, where do you start?  Of course search the internet, but what do you search for?  What questions should you ask?  Do you just look at the photos of deer and prices?  Well, that’s a start, but it all depends on how much time you have to research.  Most of you have the time to do a little researching online, but there you are relying upon somebody’s ability to sell you on aKentucky deer hunting trip from typed words and photos that could have came from anywhere.  

My #1 Rule:  Call and speak to the professional guide or outfitter.  Go with what your guts says.  If you get a good vibe and feel they are being honest with you, then that’s a great start.  Make sure they have what you’re looking for in your price range and then pull the trigger.

The most ideal situation is to go with an outfitter a good buddy has used and recommends to you.  The issue is most people don’t use outfitters.  It’s not normally an affordable kentucky hunt that most can do.    You can go to a Kentucky hunting forum and ask some questions.

If everything is checking out to your standard,  then if you live close enough, consider going out there for a visit.  Call or text the Kentucky outfitters and schedule a tour of the property!



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