Should Kentucky allow Hunters to shoot more than 1 Buck per year?

Answer: They already do.

Let’s establish a baseline so everyone knows where I am coming from. Kentucky fishing and gaming laws are based upon people’s willingness to actually follow the law. Let’s make the quick jump so you can see my point and I can get back to answering the wildlife management question at hand. Yes, Kentucky allows, or at least hints to people they can shoot a 2nd buck if they are willing to take the risk of getting caught. What is the fine for getting caught shooting 2 bucks? I’m guessing a $500 fine. They claim they will take your guns and truck, but realistically, if you’re not a total dick or repeat offender, it will be a $500 fine. Do you know how many people pay Kentucky deer hunting outfitters thousands and thousands of dollars to shoot 150 inch deer? Isn’t it worth it if you shoot a 150 inch deer? My point is they keep a window open and expect a certain level of poaching.

Let’s get radicle! Let’s say if you get caught shooting 2 bucks, they kill you and your family. It would be reasonable to assume that people would stop shooting 2 bucks and it would be reasonable to assume the government is serious about stopping people from shooting more than 1 trophy whitetail. It’s not just deer hunting in Kentucky, but hunting regulators all over factor in an expected amount of poaching when they decide how many deer the average law-abiding person can shoot while gun or bow hunting.

When government wants to get serious about preventing crime, all they need to do is start chopping toes off. When you get people who repeat offend too much, we will get to your fingers! It’s really simple. But the way some people look at it is we’d be taking away jobs from people if we didn’t put people in prison. It’s a sick system.

Anyway, shooting 1 trophy buck in Kentucky is a great rule for me. However, we’ve all been there, as soon as you shoot that buck, your season is over! That is a bummer! Should be allow you to shoot a second buck if you pay a $500 license fee and that money goes to homeless shelters? No – that will just muddy the waters. Outdoors folks are classless in a sense that we don’t care where you come from or how important you are; we’re all equals. We don’t play PC games and deer hunting is pretty much about skill and equal opportunity.


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