Should there be a Minimum size buck rule in Kentucky?

Answer: Not now. As era’s change, natural disasters or pandemics come and go, these types of judgment calls likely change as well. I think we all can agree there are no zombie deer out there eating babies, so there is no need to slaughter them all. I think we can all agree us middle class hunters don’t give a flying flip about insurance company profits vs. our happiness to live. So changing gaming laws based upon rich people’s profits shouldn’t be considered at this point as well. The point I’m trying to get at is this is a TOTAL judgment. Everything is relative to your geographic location and where you are at in life and experiences in the outdoors.

Those of us who have been hunting for over 20 years probably would like to see the minimum buck size increased to being at least a “8 pointer”. We won’t even get into “120 inch” minimum type of scoring. In Michigan, their second buck must have at least 4 points on one side prior to shooting it. Most of us will shoot a handful of bucks, graduate to “8 pointers or bigger”, and after a handful of those, we attempt to shoot only bucks bigger than our biggest one so far. That is the natural progression. So what about the kids? Do you remember shooting your first buck? It’s an exciting time for entry level hunters. Not everyone has fathers who like to go hunting or has access to family land. Many adults are shooting their first trophy whitetail buck when they are in their 40’s! We need to be reminded sometimes our life is finite on Earth and we should enjoy the time we have here instead of being reduced to “111010111’s” and being as efficient as possible for the rich white man to make money off our backs. (For the record, white or black, I prefer the honest working middle class no matter what their race).

The next blog post will have to be about should Kentucky hunting outfitters be required to have minimum buck standards? I’m fairly certain most do, so that might not be a great topic. In fact, that is their sole purpose of quality deer management; growing bigger deer and trying to shoot the oldest and biggest mature bucks around.

Kentucky has it right! They have a 1 buck maximum law in effect.


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