Do Salt Blocks Help Grow Big Mature Bucks?

Do Salt Blocks Help Grow Horns on Big Mature Bucks?

Answer: Yes. 100%.

Ok – I’m joking a little. I do believe salt blocks and minerals grow bigger deer, but not for the reason you think. Studies show that mineral subsidies to the trophy deer show negligible results as far as horn growth.   Now there are 2 reasons why salt blocks and the latest and greatest minerals do work though.

#1) When you put out salt blocks and minerals, they do attract deer. You are taking them away from open fields, neighbors who don’t plan or care about the overall management of deer. They just show up with their guns and say, “If it’s brown it’s down.” So these people are in theory shooting less deer from a macro perspective. They also pull deer away from the sides of roads where they get hit and poached as well.

#2) People who enjoy quality deer management practices tend to gravitate to all the different methods you can do to grow bigger deer. The more time you spend putting out salt and mineral for the deer, the more likely you are to “graduate” to more expensive means to deer management. The more pride property owners take in managing their land, the better and healthier the deer are going to be. These same people will grow and go through the hunting evolution themselves to becoming good game mangers. They will have a higher standard when it comes to shooting mature bucks and express those standards to other hunters as well. And it all started because you put out a $5 mineral block.

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